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Bohemian Switzerland • Tourist attractions

Dear travellers,
We are glad you are interested in Bohemian Switzerland and we assure you that your choice of destination was the right one. This region takes pride in numerous rock castles, lookout towers, picturesque villages with typical folk architecture, but apart from this human output, you will find the world of virgin nature in its permanent motion and at the same time in its deathlike stiffness.
We have prepared for you the list of the most exciting and the most interesting spots in Bohemian Switzerland and its neighbourhoods. To each sight we have added the name of the nearest village or town and its location in the KCT map (available in our map sale - see MAPS) which we consider the best map of the region.

Pravcicka gate (Pravčická brána)

The biggest sandstone bridge in Europe, Pravcicka brana, is regarded as the main tourist attraction in Bohemian Switzerland. Many sources provide you with the information about its size (according to them the height is 16m and width is 26m), plenty of pictures and postcards portray this giant, but only standing under the arch of the bridge you can feel the majesty of this natural miracle. Believe us, you will never forget this sight.

Next to the bridge, as if grown into the rocks, a former castle - "Falcon's nest" can be found. Today the building hosts a restaurant with 19th century interiors and a small photo-gallery that is dedicated to Bohemian Switzerland nature. All the area around the bridge offers thrilling views of the surrounding countryside.

Hrensko, Mezni Louka
Pravcicka Brana C/ 39-40 - 3/ 49-50

The coombs
Great adventure expects you in an unbelievably attractive Canyon of the River Kamenice. The river is dammed at two places thus creating two coombs - The Wild Coomb (Divoká soutěska) and The Calm Coomb (Tichá soutěska). An unusual experience is prepared there for you - the cruise in a ferryboat. T .he ferryman - a typical representative of the region, will guide you through the coombs. The Wild Coomb, just 250 m long, despite its name leaves peaceful and romantic impression. At The Calm Coomb, twice as long as the Wild one, a waterfall awaits you. The Coombs and Hrensko are connected with a lovely road constructed specially for the tourists by Italian engineers in the end of the 19th century. The Kamenice River is very clean so if you are lucky you can catch sight of a stunt.

Hrensko, Mezni Louka
Ticha souteska Ń/ 38 - 3/ 49-50
Divoka souteska C/ 37-38 - 3/ 51-52

Dolsky Mill (Dolský mlýn)

Romantic ruins of a medieval mill where a famous old Czech fairy-tale "Lofty Princess" was shot. It is hard to believe that this abandoned pce, once had a dominant position among the local mills. Not far from the mill, approximately 300 metres against the current, you can find a small bridge built in the beginning of the 20th century. It is a historical monument! This bridge is the first construction made of ferroconcrete in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. If you continue you will get to a meadow which leads into another canyon of the Kamenice River - Ferdinand's coomb. You will not be able to get to the coombs, but the Ferdinand's Rocks are worth seeing. They were named after Ferdinand D'Este, the successor to the Austrian Empire throne.

Vysoka Lipa, Vsemily, Kamenicka Stran
Dolsky Mlyn C/ 35-36 - 4/ 54-55

The lowest situated town in the Czech Republic (110 metres), Hrensko is a small town at the Czech - German border. People come here by bus, by cars and by boats that bring those who arrived to German Schmilka and to Czech Decin by train. It is quite difficult to escape this place on your way to Bohemian Switzerland. We do not recommend you to stay for a long time at this place, but it would be pity not to visit it at all. The spot has its own special atmosphere. Like the majority of the boarder towns, Hrensko is a commercial center. But the goods sold here are at least specific. In the background of the old architecture and stream of the Kamenice River, the crowds of motley, half a meter high dwarfs and other fairy-tales heroes are impatiently waiting for their new purchaser. You would hardly buy such a present (to dwarf's and salesman's pity), but having seen this spectacle for the first time, you will hardly ever forget it.

Hrensko C/ 38-39 - 3/ 46-47

Dry Kamenice (Suchá Kamenice)
In the canyon of a small river that flows into Labe (Elbe) and which is watered only in spring and autumn, you would feel as though some giant has spilled thousands of huge boulders. It is a unique place. If you come there in spring after the strong rains, the stream would fill up with water and you would see hundreds of small and big waterfalls bubbling between the rocks. But when the river dries up, the canyon becomes a romantic, peaceful and calm site.

Hrensko, Arnoltice, Labska Stran
Sucha Kamenice C/ 36-37 - 3/ 46-47

This terraced viewpoint seems to hang up over the Canyon of the Elbe River. It offers gorgeous view, reminding of paintings at the ancient prints. Observing the current and changing shapes of the rocks, playful imagination will govern you fancy and will make you to forget about the time you live in and will bring you to eternity. This viewpoint was built by the family of Clary Aldringen, who owned the major part of Bohemian Switzerland territory. You may notice Clary Aldringen's arms engraved into the rock. From the viewpoint a perfectly straight road leads up to the Bynov castle. The edges of this road are covered with small pedestals that served as bases for women who wanted to dismount from the horse.

Labska Stran
Belvedere C/ 35-36 - 3/ 45-46

Rosy hill (Růžový vrch)
Do you want to conquer a real mountain? This is your chance. Hans Christian Andersen, who came to Bohemian Switzerland several times, called this hill „Czech Fujijama". You might miss the typical tourist attractions as a castle or cave in the beech woods that cover this hill but numerous lookouts would make up this „loss". You will find nature in its virgin state, untouched by the humans. This fact became the main reason for declaring this territory the National Natural Reservation.

Ruzova, Srbska Kamenice, Kamenicka Stran
Ruzovsky vrch C/ 33-34 - 4/ 53

Small Pravcicka brana (Malá Pravčická brána)
If you weren't able to touch the arch of Pravcicka brana, and probably you were not, here it is enough just to stand on your tiptoe and you conquer Pravcicka brana's smallish sister. It is just two meters high. Involving your imagination you will see Pravcicka brana's miniature.

Mezni Louka, Vysoka Lipa
Mala Pravcicka brana C/ 38-39 - 4/ 54-55

Fabulous rocks surrounded with deep forests where a robber castle used to stand. The only access to this place is (and always was) through a narrow passage using a rope ladder. When you overcome all the obstacles you will not regret you have undertook this adventure and you will be rewarded with an excellent sights.

Mezni Louka, Vysoka Lipa
Saunstejn C/ 37-38 - 4/ 54-55

Lookouts in Jetrichovice
Mary's Rock, Rodolph's Stone and Vilemina's Cliff are considered to be most beautiful lookouts in Bohemian Switzerland.

Mariina skala,
Vileminina stena,
Rudolfuv kamen C/ 36-38 - 5/58-59

Sleeping Beauty and seven dwarfs
It is quite long time since unknown sculptor carved out these figures into the rocks in the deep forest. To find all of them would be a kind of entertaining game. Though the dwarfs are not far from each other and all of them are coloured, they appear always when you expect them least. You will certainly find all the dwarfs but it takes time.

Reliefy trpasliku C/ 35-36 - 5/ 59-60

Wolf's board (Vlčí deska)
In the 17th century somebody carved a story of a huntsman who had killed two wolfs into the rock board. With time the fir- tree that had grown there hid the board. Once during the storm the fir was uprooted, and the ancient story was revealed again. The huntsman's Ýsuccessors still lived in this place so they could "read" their predecessor's engravings. They decided to restore the board. The road to the wolf's board leads through Kyjov valley, which is the canyon of the Krinice River, known for its beauty.

Zadni Doubice, Kyjov
Vlci deska C/ 42-43 - 5/ 57-58

Chribska - the oldest glass factory in Europe.
Where does the Bohemian crystal come from?

Bohemian Switzerland and its neighbourhoods are well known thanks to the production of glass and crystal. It is where the Bohemian glass originated. In a small village, Chribska the first functioning glass work in Europe may be found. 16th century account books mentioned hundred year old glass work. It is possible to book an excursion to the factory and thus to see the glass production with your own eyes. Moreer in case of good luck, you may try to blow the glass yourself. Do not worry that you will be forced to buy anything, but if you came to Bohemia with the intention to bring glass presents to your relatives, purchase them here. Many of small glass shops and glass work sell their own production but also the goods of big factories and prices are considerably lower than in Prague, not mentioning other countries.

Sklar. C/ 36-37 - 6/ 65-66

Old pits where silver used to be mined
Put on the real miner's helmet with a torch and set out on a journey to the underground kingdom. Silver was mined here, but do not look for it today. Although who knows! You can get more detailed information about the place itself or you can order an excursion in the local tourist office, which you may find at the main square in Jiretin pod Jedlovou (for contact see TOURIST INFORMATION)

Jiretin pod Jedlovou. C/ 38-39 - 6/ 69-70

The romantic remnants of mediaeval castle offer an excellent view to the environs

Tolstejn C/ 36-37 - 7/ 70-71

Lookout Towers
To the lookout towers? enthusiasts we offer a list of all accessible lookout towers of Bohemian Switzerland region. Visiting all of them you will see the rocks in all possible perspectives.

  • Děčínský Sněžník the highest place of the Elbe Sandstones, 722,8 m above sea
    Decinsky Sneznik D/ 29-30 - 1/ 37-38
  • Zámecký vrch here you may also find the ruins of a mediaeval castle, 529 m above sea
    Zamecky vrch D/ 29-30 - 5/60-61
  • Jedlováin winter a ski lift available and a downhill skiing possible, 779 m above sea
    Jedlova C/ 36-37 - 6/69-70
  • Dymník 516 m above sea
    Dymnik B/ 45-46 - 6/ 67-67
  • Vlčí Hora 581 m above sea
    Vlci Hora B/ 44-45- 5/ 62-63
  • Tanečnice to get to the top of the tower it is necessary to take the key in the house next to the tower, 597 m above sea
    Tanecnice B/ 48-40 - 4/ 52-53
  • Studenec The remains of the oldest metal look out tower in the Czech republic. Now is closed. Reconstruction is prepared. 736 m. above sea
  • Adventure
    Do you want to experience a real adventure? The rocks of Bohemian Switzerland are called paradise of climbers. Two interesting places could serve as a spot for trying your climbing abilities without being scared of crashing into pieces.

    A mediaeval castle used to stand on the top of this rock. Even now the ruins of the former castle are together with Šaunštejn considered to be the most spectacular of the castles that can be found in the territory of Bohemian Switzerland. The difference between those two castles is that in Šaunštejn everything is prepared for the visitor, the ascent is much easier. Conquering Falkenstein is real experience. As a reward for your efforts a wonderful sight awaits you at the peak.

    Falkenstejn C/ 36-37 - 5/ 58-59

    Mouse hole
    Close to a picturesque village Na Tokání you have to follow the paths that will take you to Narrow Stairs (Úzké Schody), another name for Mouse hole. Even in the 19th century many enthusiasts came to this spot to imb the Mouse hole. It is quite a difficult task to ascent through this narrow space, but if you try, which we recommend, you will hardly ever forget this adventure. Close to the Narrow Stairs you may find an easier way to the top, but is it exciting to choose the easiest way?

    Na Tokani Uzke schody C/ 39 - 5/ 59-60

    If you are tired of walking in the forests, of climbing the rocks and you need to také a rest from it, here you are! There are two engaging places where you can swim and relax - Olešský pond (Olešský rybník) and Thermal swimming pool in Děčín

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