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Bohemian Switzerland • Climbing

Bohemian Switzerland is often called climbers' paradise. In the middle of the 19th century maiden ascent in the territory of the future Czech republic was undertook by Karl Beck. The rock, conquered by Beck, was named after him Beckstein. You may find it following the marked tourist trail from Mezni Louka to Pravcicka brana.

Today you may notice very strange small boxes at the tops of most rocks. In those boxes notepads with the signatures of the conquerors are kept.

If you overcome fear and decide to climb even a small rock you are certainly going to experience unforgettable feelings. But do not try climbing of your own accord. Rather address the local climbing club, where they are ready to help you.

Adventure trip
Bohemian Switzerland not only offers the marvellous natural beauty of the National Park and the opportunity to set your mind at ease while there, but also the chance to experience adventures that you will never forget.
We have prepared special offers of various types of activities available at the National Park. Now you can truly experience the things that you have only imagined while holding your breath.

Climbing course
During this one-day course you will ascend to one of the sandstone peaks in Bohemian Switzerland. The instructor will show you the most picturesque areas of the formations, instruct you in the secrets of sandstone climbing and secure your ascent and descent.
The level of difficulty of the ascent depends on the client's abilities. We shall find an adequate track for everyone.


 1 person 41 EUR 

 2-4 persons 51 EUR 

Special offer for families:  This course was prepared for families with children who want to acquaint themselves with climbing and to enjoy their first ascent of the sandstone rocks together.

 Parents + child 41 EUR 

 Every other child 13 EUR 

Prices include the rental of safety equipment (helmet, spring safety hook, ropes). Sport shoes are required. Transport to the climbing area and back will be arranged.

Elunking course or visit to the cave
A. Easy terrain. Rope equipment will not be necessary, in some parts you will enjoy adventurous crawling.

 Price list:

 1 person 59 EUR 

 2 persons 80 EUR 

 3 persons 110 EUR 

 4 persons 130 EUR 

B. More difficult terrain requires good physical fitness, you will need to rappel down.

 Price list:

 1 person 13 EUR 

 2 persons 100 EUR 

Prices include an instructor and safety equipment rental (rope, head torch, safety equipment, helmet, etc.). For 3 EUR you can rent special overalls.

Rope bridge
This one-day course will reveal how easy it is to move right to the top of a rocky steeple with the help of a rope path. You will experience an adrenaline rush when the depth of the valley emerges under your legs and you will swing on the rope, moving towards the goal of this adventure.

 Price list:

 1 person 59 EUR 

 2 persons 80 EUR 

 3 persons 110 EUR 

 4 persons 130 EUR 

Prices include rope bridge preparation, the rental of all safety equipment, an instructor and transportation.

All above-mentioned activities are supervised by qualified instructors, thus your safety is ensured.

Orders are welcome at the Pravcicka brana tourist office (tel. +420 222 874 364, e-mail:

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