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Bohemian Switzerland • Cycle trails

We have prepared the following cycle trails for the visitors of Bohemian Switzerland.
As additional information we would like to inform you about the possibility of bike rental in hotel JEF (Doubice), hotel Spobyt (Jetrichovice), pension Stará hospoda (Doubice) and in pension Braun (Nová Chřibská).

1. Way

   44,5 km - easy

This trail will take you to the most exciting places of Bohemian Switzerland. Within its reach you will find Pravcicka brana (form Mezni Louka or Tri prameny) and the Coombs or the Kamenice River (from Hrensko or Mezni Louka).

0.0   Děčín
6.4 Dolní Žleb
9.0 Ústí Suché Kamenice
10.5 Hřensko
13.1 Tři prameny
16.6 Mezní Louka
21.2 Vysoká Lípa
25.0 Jetřichovice
29.8 Srbská Kamenice
34.3 Nová Oleška
37.8 Kámen
40.5 Ludvikovice
41.9 Folknaře
44.4    Děčín

2. Way

   21 km - easy

The trail is passing through the rock massifs of Bohemian Switzerland. The most interesting spots are: Šaunštejn (Vysoká Lípa), rock coomb Narrow Stairs (Na Tokání), and Dwarf's Rock (Rynartice).

0.0   Jetřichovice
3.8 Vysoká Lípa
6.3 Česká silnice
11.3 Na Tokání
14.1 Chřibský hrádek
21.0 Jetřichovice

3. Way

   19,5 km - easy

This trail will take you to the picturesque valley where the castles used to be. Nowadays theese casteles turned into romantic ruins. Today's priority of the valley is its untouched nature.

0.0   Brtník
1.7 Kopec
5.2 Zadní Doubice
7.3 Turistický most
10.6 Kyjov
12.4 U Doubice
13.3 Doubice
15.9 Chřibský hrádek
19.4 Chřibská

4. Way

   38 km - moderately difficult

Decinsky Sneznik, the main destination of this trail, is the highest spot of the Elbe Sandstones. The thrilling view that offers the lookout tower at the top of the mountain will certainly enthuse you.

0.0   Děčín
3.1 Maxičky
8.7 Dolní Žleb
15.6 U Buku
18.4 Maxičky
22.6 Kristin Hrádek
28.1 Snežník
36.0 Děčín - Bělá
38.2 Děčín

5. Way

   47,5 km - relatively difficult

Don't miss the castle Benesov nad Ploucnici, the ruins of 15th century Dolsky mill, and rock chapel (Studeny).

0.0   Česká Kamenice
4.2 Veselé pod Rabštejnem
5.0 Veselé, Markvartice
8.6 Pod Brložcem
12.7 Ovesná
19.6 Benešov nad Ploučnicí
19.9 Brložec
21.7 Huntiřov
24.6 Stará Oleška
27.6 Janská
33.9 Srbská Kamenice
36.4 Dolský Mlýn, Královský smrk
39.9 Jetřichovice
41.5    Studený
45.3    Kunratice
47.5    Česká Kamenice

The texts and graphic design
were taken with kind permission of SHOCart publischer

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