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Bohemian Switzerland • Recommended sites

The Czech Republic

  • Pravčická Brána
    This site is devoted to the main tourist attraction of Bohemian Switzerland - Pravcicka Brana. Marvellous place.
    (Czech, Engl., Germ., Russian)

  • Edmunda and Wild gorges
    Here you may find out how to boat on the Kamenice river. This trip could be also highly recommended.
    (Czech, Engl., Germ.)

  • This is the site of the Zoo in Decin.
    We do very much recommend to visit this Zoo. It is a small one, but very well done. The site is also very nice.
    (Czech, Engl., Germ.)

  • Decin Chateau. One of the biggest in the Czech republic.
    (Czech, Engl., Germ.)

  • Museum of the german concentration camp Rabstejn and underground aircraft factories from World Word II
    (Czech, Engl., Germ.)

  • Czech travel search engine.
    All information about travelling to the Czech republic.

  • Tourist association of the Northern-Western Czech.
    List of regional information centers, hotels, travel agents.


  • Information server of tourism buro for Saxon Switzerland.
    Hotel reservations on-line, request for free information materials.

  • Saxon official Information server.
    Very good links to tourist's attractions, towns and other places of interest in Saxon Switzerland.

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